Sometimes You Need to Shoot a Hostage so that They Know you are Serious

I was at a dinner recently with a number of business executive leaders and the comment was made that it is so hard to get rid of poor performers these days, but I have to disagree – I have never found it hard to exit a poor performer and if you do it right, theyContinue reading “Sometimes You Need to Shoot a Hostage so that They Know you are Serious”

The Elephant in the Room

  In the wild there are two types of elephant, the African and the Indian.  Likewise in Leadership Teams there are often two elephants that are poorly addressed – these are difficult issues and poor behaviour. How often have you been in a leadership team meeting and you think that there is an issue thatContinue reading “The Elephant in the Room”

Authenticity: 7 Keys for Leadership Edge

Recent insights and commentary in the leadership space appears to be centred on the concept of authenticity. Why is this concept getting increasing emphasis for leadership, and does it really matter? Well its pretty clear. I was fortunate to recently attend a short leadership seminar by Harold Hillman, PhD. Harold believes that as a leader in theContinue reading “Authenticity: 7 Keys for Leadership Edge”