Four Key Characteristics for Businesses to Thrive in an Ever-changing Environment.

As Darwin stated “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change”. This ground breaking view of its time remains true today and is coming to the fore in our exponentially changing business world. It is predicted that AQ – your ability to adapt andContinue reading “Four Key Characteristics for Businesses to Thrive in an Ever-changing Environment.”

Getting a Great Senior Leadership Team

Have you ever sat around the Senior Leadership Team table and wondered – Why are we here again? What is it we are actually trying to do? Or, Why is he/she here? I can speculate that at some point you have asked one or all of these questions. Whether in business, a charity or sport, theContinue reading “Getting a Great Senior Leadership Team”

Lead your people Through Good Meetings

We often say that we have too many meetings, that they are a waste of time, or that they are ineffective, – why is that, when in reality if done right, meetings help us ensure we execute our business, live our culture and lead effectively. I often find when talking to clients and friends thatContinue reading “Lead your people Through Good Meetings”

Scott Robertson Shares Some of his Teamwork Strategies

This year former All Black, and Coach of Canterbury and the recent champion New Zealand Under 20’s rugby teams, Scott Robertson takes over the helm of the Crusaders Rugby team.  I recently facilitated an annual conference for a client. Part of the conference was centred on continuing to develop their team culture. We were extremelyContinue reading “Scott Robertson Shares Some of his Teamwork Strategies”

Out Manouvre Your Competition Like a Fighter Pilot

A fighter pilot in a dog fight is focusing on many things that appear to happen all at once, while still focusing on the end game – winning.  When an enemy aircraft comes into radar contact, he is gauging his and its speed, size, numbers and type of and manoeuvrability of the enemy aircraft, cloudContinue reading “Out Manouvre Your Competition Like a Fighter Pilot”

Driving High Performance by the Numbers at the Crusaders

Last season I had a unique opportunity to head to the home of the Crusaders at Rugby Park as part of a select group, and talk with players Andy Ellis, Cody Taylor and Ged Robinson, Coach Tabai Matson and Performance Analyst Jon Gardner. When Tabai said, “you work out how you want to play and win,Continue reading “Driving High Performance by the Numbers at the Crusaders”

Handing over the Baton of Business Succession

The recent ANZ Business Barometer of New Zealand businesses, found that succession is an issue for 44% of kiwi businesses. It also found that finding a suitable successor, complicated by an over-reliance on the owner’s expertise, was a key issue for 49% of businesses. For 48% of owners considering succession, they just wanted to scaleContinue reading “Handing over the Baton of Business Succession”