You Can’t Outsource Leadership

I recently had an occurrence where a client asked me to come and start coaching one of their staff members.  As I do with many organisations, I assist the CEO by coaching some his team to be better leaders, giving them parallel coaching guidance, tools and techniques to help develop their leadership skills. However onContinue reading “You Can’t Outsource Leadership”

Timeless Advice for New Leaders

My eldest daughter just got appointed to her first leadership role which is fantastic.  So I thought I would jot down a few key guiding ideas for her (and others) to consider, because making the transition from being a team member to being a leader is never easy. New managers are often under-prepared for theContinue reading “Timeless Advice for New Leaders”

Oh Crap…! Leading in a Crisis

We have all had those days – when the crap hits the fan and we are leading in a crisis.  Some of my examples when leading organisations have been:  A soldier accidentally shooting himself in the leg when training on the range; getting called at two in the morning and told we need 100 troopsContinue reading “Oh Crap…! Leading in a Crisis”

Business Leadership Lessons from the Infantry

I left the military ten years ago having served 24 years in the infantry, including six operational tours of duty to different conflict zones.  I have been in the public and private business sectors since then.  I find it interesting that I often utilise key principles or concepts I learnt in the infantry to helpContinue reading “Business Leadership Lessons from the Infantry”