Facilitation & Stakeholder Engagement

The challenges organisations and businesses face more often than not involve several stakeholders, and a number of differing viewpoints.

Facilitation is a little bit of science and a whole lot of art.  Its about being able to get people to come together and discuss the issues, in such a way that they agree to outcomes so that the organisation(s) can move from A to B to with relative ease.

I ensure that I  understand your desired outcomes, and then develop a path and process through which the issues are able to be addressed, differing viewpoints understood, courses of action developed and then outcomes aligned to in such a way that there is consensus, and everybody moves forward together. The ‘art’ is in managing the people in the room to ensure everyone is heard, and being able to listen multiple views on complex topics and draw the key points, conclusions and capture ‘blinding flashes of the obvious’, then gain alignment on the outcomes. I am an expert at this.

Facilitation collage




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