I offer my unique mix of experience and skills to get the business breakthroughs you have been looking for.

Vision & Strategy

Creating a clear sense of direction is critical for the leadership of any organisation to succeed. Having a Vision and Strategy enables the business leaders to create a compelling sense of future and connect their people to the journey. I bring research, strategic insights and challenge, combined with your knowledge and experience, put through best practice thinking and models, to create a simple plan that will enable you and your leaders to build your business for the future, strong enough to endure the rigours of the future business environment..

Facilitation & Stakeholder Engagement

The challenges organisations and businesses face more often than not involve several stakeholders, and a number of differing viewpoints. Facilitation is a little bit of science and a whole lot of art.  Its about being able to get people to come together and discuss the issues, in such a way that they agree to outcomes so that the organisation(s) can move from A to B to with relative ease. I ensure that I  understand your desired outcomes, and then develop a path and process through which the issues are able to be addressed, differing viewpoints understood, courses of action developed and then outcomes aligned to in such a way that there is consensus, and everybody moves forward together.

Exec Leader Coaching

I know that as an organisation grows and leaders develop, the time horizons become longer, the people complexity increases, the nature of the business becomes more complex and there is more ambiguity to navigate – and this can be a challenge to learn on the fly. My knowledge and experience provides coaching, support and insights to leaders on their leadership development journey. This is whether they need to better understand themselves as leaders, better lead their teams or being able to lead through other leaders, and lead their organisations..

Advisory Boards & Governance

As businesses grow they need different mechanisms to support the founders and leadership of the business. Good governance ensures a strategic future focus, that performance goals are being pursued and met, compliance obligations are fulfilled, and risk foreseen, mitigated and managed. As an experienced advisory board member and Board Chair of commercial entities and not-for-profits, I bring a range of experience and insights to set up and provide governance.

Case Studies


Southern Rehab


Greg has provided our leadership team with a robust framework that ensures we remain focused and aligned to achieving our strategic goals. Greg and the Pivot & Pace team have become a key strategic partner for Freshpork NZ and have done a great job keeping our team on task, while also helping us develop as leaders.

Lynden Glass, CEO, FreshPork NZ

Greg and the team at Pivot & Pace have helped us in many areas, with our strategic plan development being a key one. They have provided mentoring for myself and key staff, a sounding board for ideas and an independent voice of reason. Also succession planning advice and personality testing, particularly understanding the relationships between different personality types.

Mark Field, CEO, EPL

Let’s build something great together.

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