Leading Globally: Four International Business Leaders Share Their Insights

The opportunities for exporting or going global are obvious, such as entering new markets, better positioning, spreading risk, and achieving growth and scale.  There are any number of challenges that a bank adviser will tell you such as exchange rates and fluctuations, payment terms, logistics time frames, legal requirements, customs and tariffs.  But what about theContinue reading “Leading Globally: Four International Business Leaders Share Their Insights”

Getting a Great Senior Leadership Team

Have you ever sat around the Senior Leadership Team table and wondered – Why are we here again? What is it we are actually trying to do? Or, Why is he/she here? I can speculate that at some point you have asked one or all of these questions. Whether in business, a charity or sport, theContinue reading “Getting a Great Senior Leadership Team”

The Elephant in the Room

  In the wild there are two types of elephant, the African and the Indian.  Likewise in Leadership Teams there are often two elephants that are poorly addressed – these are difficult issues and poor behaviour. How often have you been in a leadership team meeting and you think that there is an issue thatContinue reading “The Elephant in the Room”