Leading Globally: Four International Business Leaders Share Their Insights

The opportunities for exporting or going global are obvious, such as entering new markets, better positioning, spreading risk, and achieving growth and scale.  There are any number of challenges that a bank adviser will tell you such as exchange rates and fluctuations, payment terms, logistics time frames, legal requirements, customs and tariffs.  But what about the… Read More

Business Leadership Lessons from the Infantry

I left the military ten years ago having served 24 years in the infantry, including six operational tours of duty to different conflict zones.  I have been in the public and private business sectors since then.  I find it interesting that I often utilise key principles or concepts I learnt in the infantry to help… Read More

Authenticity: 7 Keys for Leadership Edge

Recent insights and commentary in the leadership space appears to be centred on the concept of authenticity. Why is this concept getting increasing emphasis for leadership, and does it really matter? Well its pretty clear. I was fortunate to recently attend a short leadership seminar by Harold Hillman, PhD. Harold believes that as a leader in the… Read More